A Man Called Hawk dvd complete on dvd

"Starring: Avery Brooks, Moses Gunn, Angela Bassett

A Man Called Hawk is a 1989 action television series created by Robert B. Parker and developed by Stephen Hattman and William Robert Yates. The drama series aired on ABC from January 28, 1989 to May 13, 1989. It lasted a single season with a total of 13 hour-long episodes.

The TV program, which was a spinoff of the 1985 ABC series Spenser: For Hire, starred Avery Brooks as Hawk. Aside from extending help and defending people from injustice, Hawk showed his talents in music and sports, such as boxing. Moses Gunn appeared in 10 episodes playing a father figure to Hawk.

Angela Bassett, Maggie Rush, William Fichtner, Chris Noth, Wendell Pierce, Thomas Hearns, KasiLemmons, Joe Morton, Charles S. Dutton, Wesley Snipes, Karen Malina White and Valerie Simpson were among the notable stars who guested on the TV series.

A few episodes of A Man Called Hawk were directed by Virgil W. Vogel, Harry Falk and Winrich Kolbe and written by Steve Hattman and Robert B. Parker. "




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All 13 Uncut Episodes - 1 Seasons on 7 DVDS

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All 13 Uncut Episodes - 1 Seasons on 7 DVDS
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